Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions of MILO MARE APARTAMENTS

Dear guests!

We ask you to observe the rules that apply in our apartments.

  1. The rules apply to all persons who are in the premises of the Milo Mare Apartments.
  2. The stay in the Milo Mare Apartments begins on the first day of booking at 4:00 pm and ends on the last day at 10:00 am. In special cases it is possible to set different arrival and departure times for guests.
  3. The apartment is handed over and returned in the presence of an authorized person, always in the apartment.
  4. To make a reservation, an advance payment of 40% of the fee due must be made by bank transfer to the specified bank account. If you do not pay the deposit within three days of booking by phone or email, the booking will be canceled. In the case of cancellation 14 days before arrival or if the stay is shortened, the advance payment is included in the operating costs and is not reimbursed. The remaining amount for the stay must be paid on arrival at the latest.
  5. The possibility of canceling the reservation without burdening the guest financially is only possible if the guest specifies another customer for the same apartment and at the same time.
  6. Customers must check in immediately upon arrival. To confirm the identity, the guest must provide a document with a photo.
  7. The climate fees introduced by the city administration (municipality of Mielno) in spa and coastal towns are to be borne by the customer upon arrival.
  8. It is possible to receive a VAT invoice for the stay in the Milo Mare Apartments.
  9. The customer cannot transfer the apartment to another person, even if the period for which he has made the due payment for the stay has not expired.
  10. The night’s quiet is valid from 10:00 pm to 6:00 am. During the night we ask you to behave in such a way that the rest of other guests is not disturbed.
  11. Visits by people who have not checked into the Milo Mare Apartments must be arranged in advance with the owner.
  12. The owner may refuse to continue providing services to persons who violate the arrangement and regulations on the premises. In such situations, he or she can request to leave immediately without reimbursement of the fee paid for the stay.
  13. Facility owners are not responsible for any valuables or money left in the apartments or loss or damage to a guest’s car or other vehicle.
  14. For the safety and comfort of guests, smoking is strictly prohibited in the Milo Mare Apartments and other areas of the Milo Mare Apartments. Smokers are allowed to smoke outside the building.
    Frying fish is strictly prohibited in the apartments.
  15. The guest bears full financial responsibility for damage or destruction of objects, equipment and technical devices of the Milo Mare Apartments, which were caused by his fault or that of the visitors. In the event of damage, please notify the Milo Mare Apartments immediately.
  16. Due to changing weather conditions and strong winds, please close the windows when you are not there. In addition, we ask you to carefully close the front door each time you leave the apartment and to keep the keys carefully without access to third parties. The loss of the keys results in a cost to the customer of 100 PLN.
  17. If you are dissatisfied with the quality of the services during your stay, or for any other reason that depends on the staff of Milo Mare Apartments, please report this immediately so that we can resolve the problem.
  18. Personal items that the departing guest has left in the apartment will be returned to the address provided at the customer’s expense. If you do not receive such an instruction, the items will be stored for 1 month.
  19. From June to August reservations are only accepted for full weeks (from Saturday to Saturday or from Sunday to Sunday).
  20. We do not pass on information about the personal data of our guests to third parties.
  21. A reservation is equivalent to acceptance of these provisions.

We wish you a pleasant stay in our apartments.

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